Home remedies for leukopenia

Home remedies to treat leukopenia are based on complementing the usual diet with natural elements that strengthen the immune system and optimize its functioning. These remedies tend to improve health in general, and not only the blood cells' recount.

  • Mumio is a natural product with an appearance similar to resin, made of fossilized honey, bee wax and honeycomb, which strengthens the immune system.
  • The astragalus root is an excellent analgesic and antibacterial,commonly used to treat viral infections, as it stimulates the white blood cells' activity and protects the body from invading organisms.
  • Echinacea is an herb that helps stimulate the immune system's activity, as it is vitamin rich.
  • Green tea is an infusion with great quantities of vitamins, which stimulate the white blood cells' production, and improves blood circulation, strengthening the immune system.

Nutritionists suggest to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables with a high content of beta carotene, a substace that benefits the production of white blood cells, and zinc, which acts as a catalyst in the immune system.

Prevention What is

What is

Leukopenia is a low recount of white blood cells.

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Leukopenia can show several symptoms and frequent infections.

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The majority of chemotherapy treatments can cause leukopenia as a secondary effect.

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Throughout the duration of leukopenia, the body cannot fight infections.

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A complete haemogram is the easiest way to diagnose leukopenia.

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The treatment for leukopenia usually starts with vitamins and steroids.

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Periodic blood analysis help detect problems in leukocytes before any symptoms appear.

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Home remedies

Vitamin rich food helps the body recover from leukopenia.

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