Vitamin flasks. Vitamins are beneficial for the leukocyte production.

Treatment of leukopenia

There are various methods to treat leukopenia, which vary depending on the seriousness of the disease and on the type of leukocyte which is found in low quantities.

In all cases the cause of the disorder will be studied and, in cases in which it is necessary, any type of medication that may be causative of leukopenia will be interrupted.

Treatments with drugs

Depending on the seriousness of each case, doctors can prescribe steroids and vitamin supplements (especially vitamin B, which is closely related to the cellular metabolism) to activate the bone marrow, stimulating the production of blood cells. It is also very usual to use trugs like filgrastim or pegfilgrastim to fulfill the same function, as well as treatments with cytokines, which are proteis that regulate cellular activity.

Additionally, and to avoid possible complications caused by infections, antibiotics and chemotherapy are usually prescribed.


In addition to the most frequent pharmacological treatments, it is recommendable to take certain precautions and to adopt healthy habits.

  • Living an active life, stimulating the body and its metabolism.
  • Keeping a healthy diet. It is advisable to eat fruit and to drink great quantities of liquid to avoid constipation problems.
  • Avoiding getting injured, as open wounds increase the probability of getting infections.
  • Avoiding contact with people with infections or who have been recently vaccinated, to avoid the possibility of contracting infections of any type.
  • Avoiding crowds, where the danger of infection contagion is greater.
  • Keeping a good hygiene, especially of the mouth, mucous zones and other zones which may have contact with them.
  • Sleeping for a minimum of seven hours a day to stimulate energy recovery and to improve the body's performance.
Diagnosis Prevention


Leukopenia is a low recount of white blood cells.

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What is

Leukopenia is a low recount of white blood cells.

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Leukopenia can show several symptoms and frequent infections.

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The majority of chemotherapy treatments can cause leukopenia as a secondary effect.

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Throughout the duration of leukopenia, the body cannot fight infections.

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A complete haemogram is the easiest way to diagnose leukopenia.

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The treatment for leukopenia usually starts with vitamins and steroids.

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Periodic blood analysis help detect problems in leukocytes before any symptoms appear.

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Home remedies

Vitamin rich food helps the body recover from leukopenia.

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